Temporary Boiler Hire Installation Newcastle

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Boiler Hire School in Newcastle

The Challenge

A Facilities management company required a temporary boiler hire installation to cover heating and hot water demand due to critical failure of the Secondary Schools plant room boilers.


What Did We Do?

Our experienced Boiler Specialist leading the enquiry worked closely with the facilities management company to assess the required demand and provide a boiler hire solution within 24hrs to enable the school to re-open with no disruption to class time.


How Did We Do It?

Mobile Plant Rooms supplied and installed a MPR200 boiler hire unit by connecting to the existing plant room utilising pre-insulated flexible pipework.


Equipment: MPR200

End User: Secondary School

Application: MPR200 for heating and hot water demand

Additional: Flexible Pipework and Fittings



The MPR200 boiler hire unit was supplied and installed within a 24hr window covering heating and hot water demand on a Saturday morning ensuring the school could re-open on the Monday with no interruption to class timetables.


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